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On average, I spend 60% or more of my time each week on strategic or big-picture issues and do not have to spend time on 'putting out fires' and doing work I could delegate or outsource at a rate below my worth to the business

We have a written company vision statement and all of our employees know what that vision is and are working towards helping the company achieve our vision.

You measure the engagement of your employees and most are engaged (defined as the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organisation, and put discretionary effort into their work). Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction.

We have achieved consistent and healthy year-on-year sales growth

We have developed a strong brand. Our customers understand and identify with our brand and buy from us because of it. Our customer surveys show they stay with us because of our brand.

Our customers know and value the overt benefits that our products or services provide. They are able to differentiate us from competitive offerings.

Our profits exceed our industry averages and we do not have any cash flow challenges. We are financially prepared for most downturns which may occur.

We measure our customer service levels and know why customers leave us. We have found our employees consistently provide exceptional customer service and our customers feel valued.

Our key business processes are well-documented and we are not dependent on the knowledge of certain key employees.

We have a recruitment process that ensures we attract and bring in talented people. That process includes assessing behavioural style as well as skills. We are constantly working to upgrade our talent and seek to remove those that are mistakenly recruited or no longer align themselves with the company vision and values. We have a culture that nurtures our great employees.

Our business operates from a strategic and annual operating plan and all activities are consistent with those plans.

We manage our business using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that give us an early indication of ultimate performance. Our KPIs are tracked and reviewed weekly.

My partners, family members working in my business and I are fully aligned on the direction of the business and have no significant conflict.

I know what my exit strategy is from the business and I'm confident that I can exit successfully. In the event I 'exit' life early, I have prepared a document disclosing my suggestions and wishes for the continuation or sale of my business.

I have defined the work-life balance I want now and in the future and I have reached my work-life balance goal, or have a detailed plan on how I am going to reach my work/life balance goals.

I have an effective business owner sounding board that I use when making important business decisions.

Employees have been given written expectations, are committed to and accountable for their results and know how their expectations fit into the company's achievements

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Looking to take your business to the next level?

Learn about how The Alternative Board can make a difference in your business and your life.

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